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How can a new computer purchased with an OEM edition of Microsoft® Windows 8 Professional be downgraded to Microsoft® Windows 7?


As of November, 2012, Microsoft® Windows 7 is no longer available, preinstalled on new computers. Is there a valid, legal and legitimate workaround for running our software products that will not run on Microsoft® Windows 8?


New computer that was purchased pre-loaded with Microsoft® Windows 8 Professional.


Microsoft® Windows 7 is no longer available on new computers.


Downgrade the Microsoft® Windows 8 Professional installation to Microsoft® Windows 7.

According to the Microsoft® Windows 8 Professional / Ultimate EULA (End User License Agreement) that the computer user must read when starting up a new computer, the following Operating System downgrade rights are available:

  • Downgrade rights for Microsoft® Windows 8 are an end-user right, documented in the Software License Terms that customers accept upon first running Windows software.
  • Microsoft® Windows 8 end user downgrade rights will be available through the sales lifecycle of Windows 8 which is up to two years after the launch date of a new version.

More information is available from the Microsoft Windows web site.

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