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How can an alarm be acknowledged before it occurs?


When running a listview on the alarm log it appears there are instances where the alarm was acknowledged before the timestamp. How can this happen?


Time Sync


This issue can occur if  the Continuum system is not properly time synchronized.

In order to properly sync the system time, it's helpful to understand where the various alarm time attributes are set:

  • TimeStamp comes from the controller's time
  • TimeofLog comes from the SQL Server's time
  • TimeofAck comes from the Acknowledging CyberStation's time


Make sure all the components of the system are properly time synchronized.

Methods of synchronizing server and workstation times may vary based on the workstation operating system and if your network is using active directory. Refer to the network administrator to verify if time sync is being done, and under what conditions (logon only and/or a schedule) and how often.
If Continuum is on an isolated network refer to and search on network time synchronization to learn about the different options for the particular network configuration.
As for the workstation-to-controller time sync, Lessons Learned Article #2106 includes a program to which will sync the workstation time to the controllers.
Lesson Learned Article #2335 covers a couple of conditions where the TimeStamp and TimeofLog may vary considerably.
Periodically, verify that all the components are in sync.

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