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How can it be determined if a specific LON device is supported by the Niagara R2 system?


How can it be determined if a specific LON device is supported by the Niagara R2 system?


  • Niagara R2
  • LON devices


Obtain a list of supported LON device for references.


A list of all supported LON devices for a specific release of Niagara R2 can be created by performing the following steps:

  1. Open Workplace Pro and create a new local station with the default services and the "LonWorks Service".
  2. Start that new station on "localhost".
  3. Open the station "localhost" in the tree view of Workplace Pro.
  4. Right-click on the "LonWorksService" under the station you just opened and select "LonUtilitiesManager".
  5. In the "Lon Utilities" window, select the Device: LocalLonDevice, Command: reports, SubCommand: programids and click the Execute button at the bottom of the window.

The displayed list shows all the devices (including program ID) supported by each manufacturer's Lon jar file. 

For example, the Siebe entries in the list will display all the standard MNL series devices and their corresponding program IDs. Shadow objects for each of these devices are listed by "Class name" in the LonSiebe jar file (shown under the siebe entry in the londevices under the tridiumx local library). 

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