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How can it be determined what LonWorks Program IDs are supported by the Niagara G3 system?


How can it be determined what LonWorks Program IDs are supported by the Niagara G3 system?


G3 WorkBench (all builds)




  1. Create and install a test station on the localhost.
  2. Open the test station in WorkBench then add LonNetwork to Drivers from the lonworks Palette.  
  3. Double-click on the LonNetwork.
  4. Double-click on the Local Lon Device listed under Database and set the following properties
    • Channel ID: 1
    • Subnet: 1
    • Node: 127 and click OK to accept changes.
  5. Right-click on LonNetwork and open the Lon Utilities Manager.
  6. Select the Local Lon Device then choose the Command of Reports and Sub-command of program Ids.
  7. Execute the command and a listing of all programIDs for the shadow objects found in the local My Module  library will appear.
  8. To save - highlight all program Ids and use “Ctrl C” to save to file.
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