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How can it be determined what LonWorks Program IDs are supported by the Niagara R2 system?


How can it be determined what LonWorks Program IDs are supported by the Niagara R2 system?


  • Niagara R2 system
  • LonWorks


To determine the LonWorks Program IDs, run the command "Command of Reports and Sub-command of programids" in Lon Utilities Manager.


  1. Create and install a test station on the localhost that includes the Lonworks service, Lonworks Network container, and the LocalLonDevice.
  2. Open the test station in WorkPlace Pro then right click on the Lonworks Service and open the Lon Utilities Manager.
  3. Select the LocalLonDevice then choose the Command of Reports and Sub-command of programids.
  4. Execute the command and a listing of all programIDs for the shadow objects found in the local tridiumx library (lonDevices container) will appear.
  5. Save this report to a text file and import into Excel where searches can be performed.

Re-run the report anytime a new lon jar file is added or an existing lon jar file is replaced with a newer version.

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