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How can the MAC address of an I/A Series R2 UNC or G3 ENC be found?


How can the MAC address of an I/A Series R2 UNC or ENC be found?


  •  I/A Series R2 UNC or ENC


Obtain MAC address of the device for network configuration. 


The UNC-410 / 5x0 MAC address can be obtained two ways:  Calculate the MAC using the serial number or use a command window on the connecting computer.

Units built by Schneider-Electric have a serial number that ends in the letter B. If the UNC was built by Tridium (JACE), the MAC has a different prefix and it would be best to use the command window method.

Example calculation: A UNC-510 with a serial number of 18496B -> 18496 converted to a hexadecimal value is 4840 hex -> add a 100 hex offset to the value -> 4940 hex.  Append a fixed prefix of 00-20-96-05 for al UNCs.  The MAC address for this UNC would be 00-20-96-05-49-40.

This same calculation process applies to the ENC-410 and ENC-520 controllers that have a serial number ending with the letter B.

Example calculation: ENC-520 with a serial number of 584520B -> 584520 converted to a hexadecimal value is 08EB48 hex -> add a 100 hex offset to the value -> 08EC48 hex.  Append a fixed prefix of 00-20-96 and the MAC address for this ENC would be 00-20-96-08-EC-48. 

The other method is to connect the computer and the UNC / ENC with a network patch cable, open a command window, ping the IP address of the UNC, and then use arp -a to display the IP and physical MAC address (NOTE: the arp command will only work over the network if the PC and the UNC / ENC are on the same IP subnet).

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