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How can the WorkPlace Tech Tool software be configured to automatically open a specified application via an I/A Series G3 graphic screen. (Not Possible)


Customer has a specification requirement to be able to open and edit MNL or MNB controller application files via a link on the associated I/A Series (Niagara) G3 graphic screen.


I/A Series (Niagara) G3 ENS Server


Specification issue.


A WorkPlace Tech application file can NOT be opened automatically via a I/A Series (Niagara) G3 graphic link for the following reasons:

  1. Workplace Tech does not have a provision for opening an application file from the command line.
  2. The WorkPlace Tech Tool software would have to be installed on each computer that needed to open an application.
  3. The WorkPlace Tech Tool software would need a separate license for each computer on which it is installed.
  4. There are no provisions for centrally managing a shared WorkPlace Tech application library.

A WorkPlace Tech application CAN be viewed via the Visio Viewer application.  This can be performed via a graphic link provided that the Visio Viewer application is already installed on the computer being used to view the application file.

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