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How can the command and status of a start/stop point be separated in a Niagara G3 MicroSmart integration?


In order to meet the requirements of a graphic display, the command and status of a fan are to be plotted individually.  A MicroSmart SS point integrates both command and status into one point.  When it's mapped to an ENC, the command "element" is not available.  How can they be separated and represented individually on a graphic?



Niagara G3


The 'command' element is CTCMD but the Niagara G3 MicroSmart driver does not map it at the station level.  So, it's not available.


Since CTCMD is not available, the best option is to modify the programming in the MicroSmart controller.  Remove the status feedback from the start/stop point and put it into its own point.  In this case, create a ST point.  Now, the STATS element for the start/stop point can be used to represent the fan command and the STATS element for the ST point can used to represent the fan status. 

In Niagara G3, they exist as separate points and can, therefore, be mapped individually on a graphic.

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