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How can the un-needed ribbon bars be hidden in Visio 2010 so that only the WorkPlace Tech ribbon bar is shown?


Wants to hide the Visio 2010 Ribbon bar selections that are not useful for normal WorkPlace Tech use.


WorkPlace Tech Tool 5.7 or newer (only versions that support Visio 2010)

Visio 2010


Microsoft changed the Visio user interface from a menu bar type interface to a "ribbon bar" type interface.  The ribbon bars not used for operations within the WorkPlace software are confusing to the users that are not trained in the use of Visio 2010


Visio Ribbon Bar selections not needed can be hidden from view by using the "Customize the Ribbon" Visio options screen. 

  1. Select the "File" menu and select "Options".
  2. In the left column menu of the Visio Options window, select "Customize Ribbon".  The "Customize the Ribbon" screen is displayed.
  3. In the selection box under "Customize the Ribbon:" (right side of window), make sure that "Main Tabs" is selected:
  4. Uncheck the Main Tab selections that you do not wish to see.  I suggest leaving the Home and View menu selections in addition to the WorkPlace Tech and Stencil menus.  The View menu should be left enabled because it contains the Zoom and Window selections.  Hiding the Stencil menu will cause the stencil selection window at the left side of the application window to be hidden and would prevent the selection of objects to be added to the application.  This image shows the minimum tabs needed:

  5. Click the [OK] button at the bottom of the window to close the window, saving the selection changes.
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