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How do I disable the Web Server on the CX9680 controller.


Preventing access to a controller via the built-in web server.




Limiting access to controller configuration


Starting in version 2.100028 of the CX9680 (NC2) controller the web server can be disabled using the following procedure:

  1. Access the controller Web Server through a Web browser (using the configured IP or if the IP has not yet been configured, by using
  2. Select the “Controller Configuration” page
  3. Change the Web Server Port (default is 80) to 0
  4. Click on the “Submit to Controller” button
  5. Select the “Commit Changes” page and click on the “Commit Changes/Restart Controller” button

NOTE: To re-enable the web server the controller must be reset to factory defaults using the reset ip switch.

NOTE: On a 99xx to disable or enable contact repair and there is a charge. A flash file can be sent.

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