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How do I enter the WorkPlace Tech unlock code?


Customer has requested and received the Unlock code for WorkPlace Tech 5.7.7 and does not know where to enter it in WorkPlace Tech.


WorkPlace Tech Tool version 5.7.x or 5.8


Needs to enter an unlock code for WorkPlace Tech Tool software.


This process is documented in the section "Installing Unlock Codes" of chapter 5 of the WIBS Installation and Configuration Guide, document, F-26641 and is summarized here.  The installation instructions can be downloaded from the Publication Zone on iPortal (

  1. Run "Purchase Workplace Tech Software" icon on computer desktop (See below if the ICON has been removed).
  2. Click "Unlock"
  3. Click on license to be unlocked.
  4. Enter unlock code in appropriate field on form
  5. Click [Generate License]
  6. Click [Done] to exit the Unlock window
  7. Click [Done] to exit "Purchase..." program.

If the  "Purchase Workplace Tech Software" icon has been removed from the desktop, and WPT 5.7.x or 5.8.x was the first version ever loaded on the computer, the program will be found at:
C:\Program Files\WorkPlace Tech\Licensing\Core\WPTLPurchase.exe
After opening the program continue with step 2, above.

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