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How do I find the IP address of a third party BACnet device?


When browsing the IP network using the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool, third party devices are displayed in addition to the I/A Series BACnet devices but no information is known about those devices.


I/A Series WorkPlace Commissioning Tool

Third party BACnet IP & MS/TP devices


Third party BACnet devices are sometimes connected to the IP network without the knowledge of the engineer / technician programming the I/A Series system.


When performing a global browse of the IP network, unknown devices are sometimes displayed in the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool device list display.  Since all data columns are not necessarily displayed, some of the device information may not be able to be directly determined.

Right-click in the column headers and a menu of available data columns will be displayed.

The following columns may be displayed at a minimum to allow identification of the devices on the network as well as the BACnet routing path to those devices:

If the device is a BACnetIP device, the "Address" will be displayed as an ip address and port.  For example would be the address of a BACnetIP device communicating via port 47821 at IP address

If the device is a BACnet MS/TP device under a BACnetIP device, the address is the MAC address of the MSTP device and "Router" is the address of the BACnetIP router to the device.  The Router address will be displayed as hexadecimal numbers.  For example, 0A-9F-22-EC-BA-CD, the first four are the IP address, 0A = 10, 9F = 159, 22 = 34, EC = 236 and the last two groups taken together are the port number, BA CD = 47821 giving the address of the router as using port 47821.

If the device provides vendor and model information, that information will be displayed in the appropriate columns.

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