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How do I install a new I/A Series R2 (Niagara) TIP license?


Installed new license with Admin Tool but it is still showing only 10 days remaining in license term.


Personal computer with one or more releases of the I/A Series R2 software installed.


Installed TIP license in only one release.  It needs to be installed for each R2 software release installed on the computer.


The new license needs to be installed for each version of the I/A Series R2 software installed on the computer.

Before installing the license file, you need to verify that your Windows Explorer is configured to display the file types (file extensions).  See attached document for details, if necessary.

Copy the new license file to your desktop (or other convenient location) and rename the file to

Open Windows Explorer then open the folder c:\Niagara

For each folder,, where xxx is an I/A Series R2 release number, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the release folder (for example, r2.301.529)
  2. Browse to the nre\lib folder
  3. If there is an existing file, delete it.
  4. Rename the existing file to
  5. Copy the file from the desktop to this (nre\lib) folder
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