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How do I rename I/A Series (Niagara) station name?


Station was named incorrectly when first created.  Just copying the station folder or renaming the folder has no effect on the name of the station.


I/A Series R2 system (any version)


Station was named incorrectly when first created.  Did not realize name for the station did not match the desired naming convention used for the other stations in this facility.


To rename a UNC station:

  1. Save the existing station database using the Admin Tool DbAdmin function.
  2. Use the Admin Tool DbAdmin function to get the station config.sys file and to convert it to an xml file (config.xml).  You will then have a config.sns and config.xml file in the existing station folder.
  3. Create the new named station folder under the stations folder under the current Niagara... installation folder.
  4. Copy the config.xml file from the existing station folder to the new station folder.  Copy any other folders that are under the existing station folder (graphics, etc) into the new station folder.
  5. Open the config.xml file (in the new station folder) with a TEXT or XML editor that can handle large files.  Two text editors that are know to work properly with large xml formatted text files are Notepad++ or EditPad.  These editors are both available for free via Internet.
  6. The existing station name typically first appears on lines 18 & 19 of the file.  Use the editor's Search and Replace function to globally change the existing station name to the new desired name.  Make sure that the there are no spaces or special characters in the new station name.  When specifying the existing station name, do not include the double-quote marks.
  7. Using the Admin Tool DbAdmin command, convert the edited config.xml file to config.sns.
  8. Use the Admin Tool "Install Station" function to load the edited station into the UNC.
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