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How do I share a regularly changing value like the outside air temperature in the UNC with a BACnet controller?


I am running R2 529 and cannot find the right object to be able to write an analog value in the UNC to an AVSPP object in the MNB controller.


I/A Series R2 (niagara) UNC


I/A Series R2 (niagara) UNC


If the analog value being shared is one that will be changing regularly it should be written to an AVSPP object in the MNB controller.  The AVSPP object requires a priority be provided with the analog value.  To accomplish this use the Fs2Fp object provided in the 532d version of the programlib jar.   Link the output of the analog value to the input of the Fs2Fp object.  Define the priority level you want to send it at in the Fs2Fp object.  Link the output of the Fs2Fp object to the priority input of the AVSPP and the value will be written to the controller.

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