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How do I trigger my fallthru script program to run?


Looping script programs continuously loop around the code, but a fallthrough needs a trigger to start it running and will stop at the end. How is this configured.


Script programs set as Fallthrough in an AS or ES

Up to Release 1.3


Plain English used Triggers in points to start a program, these do not exist in an AS or ES Binary value, so what is used to start the program running?


Once a script program has been written, checked and  saved as a Flow Type "Fallthru", you can then edit the bindings.

In the bindings use the variable called "Restart" a binary value to bind to the triggering point/ value which should also be Binary.

This object can then be triggered on the required event to start the program, which will then execute the code and stop at the end awaiting the next restart.

When you Bind a Digital Value to a Scrip program, you may get an error message like the one here:

By Default, a Digital Value has no Configuration Settings defined. Enter 0 and 1 for the binary states and then performing your binding to the Program alleviates the error message. 

Note: This functionality operates for versions up to Release 1.3. From Release 1.4 the Restart attribute is read only showing the restart status from the program and does not allow a point / value to be bound to this flag.

In Release 1.4 a looping program will need to be used checking the state of the trigger point and action accordingly.


Note: in newer releases e.g. 1.7, 1.8 and above, triggers are now supported and you can bind directly to the Trigger attribute of the program, each change of the bound point will trigger the script to run.

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