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How do I upload a file to Product Support Services (PSS) - Asia Pacific on the Schneider-Electric Box file server?


Need a link to provide an easy way of uploading one or more files to PSS - Asia Pacific via the Schneider Electric Box server.


Schneider Electric "PSS - Asia Pacific" Box server folder


Many email services have a limit on the size of attachments.
In many cases, large files must be sent to Product Support so that the support engineer can investigate a reported issue.


Use the following form to upload the files associated with your support ticket.
Please note that you must have an open support ticket with PSS - Asia Pacific before uploading a file. Files uploaded without a reference to a support ticket will be deleted.
You may upload additional files by clicking the appropriate link at the end of the "Success" message.

Note: You might receive an error message despite your file still being uploaded

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