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How do you archive the BACnet device backup data that was saved with the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool?


Customer wants to archive the BACnet controller backup images created through the Backup function of the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool.


WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 5.7.x or newer

Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional


The actual location of the Backup folder has changed between Windows XP and Windows 7


If the computer operating system is Windows XP, the specified backup project folder is in the following location:
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WorkPlace Tech\Backups

If the computer operating system is Windows 7, the specified backup project folder is in the following location:
c:\ProgramData\WorkPlace Tech\Backups

Further information on the contents of the backup project folder can be found in the Release Notes documentation for WorkPlace Tech Tool 5.7.2, F-27526-2, pages 10-13.  Please note that the full file path shown in this document is based on the use of the Windows XP operating system.

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