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How do you "tunnel" through a UNC to the BACnet MS/TP devices under the UNC?


How do you access BACnet MS/TP devices under a UNC without making a direct connection to the MS/TP bus?  Tunneling is supported with LON and ASD devices but there is no tunnel client for BACnet.


WorkPlace Tech Tool release 5.7.x

UNC with BACnet MS/TP devices


Want to connect WPT through the UNC to access the MS/TP network attached to the UNC


Tunneling is not required to access MS/TP devices under a UNC.

Since the UNC is already a BACnet device because it has BACnet MS/TP devices connected to it, you can enable BACnet-IP or BACnet-Ethernet on the UNC.  Once either of these protocols have been enabled, the UNC then acts as a BACnet router allowing BACnet communications to the MS/TP devices directly via the ethernet connection to the UNC.

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