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How does a digital command from a Niagara R2 station get transferred down to a Microzone II?


A digital command (by schedule or by manual override) must be linked to a supply fan wired to a Microzone II controller.  How does it get programmed?


Niagara R2 ASD driver

Microzone II


Minimal experience with the Network 8000 product line


Link the output of the native Niagara object to one of the digital inputs of the MZ2EmsDi object.

Ensure that the Microzone's "emsControlDefault" is set for "On".  This can be checked on the Properties > Config tab for the Microzone's Shadow object.

Using serial tunneling with PSI, ensure the same Microzone's EMS block's output attribute "EMS" indicates "ON".  This means the Microzone is under control from the UNC.  If it is OFF, then the Microzone is in a stand-alone mode of operation.

The digital command from the UNC station is now available at the corresponding DV output of the EMS block in the Microzone.  It can then be linked to another block involved with fan control.

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