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How does the Enterprise Server detemine the offline status of an AS?


How does the ES determine whether an AS is online?


  • Enterprise Server
  • Automation Server


An AS behaves as if it is online yet shows up as offline in Workstation. 


As of there is a new model for detecting online / online servers.

Prior to

  • When a communication error was detected the Automation Server was marked as offline.

As of

  • An immediate DetectOnline call is scheduled.
  • Only after three failed DetectOnline with an interval of one second we consider the  server to be offline.
  • When offline an alarm is generated.and set the offline status as normal, and also go back to one minute interval for online detection.

In the number of retries and interval is possible to set in

From 1.6.0 this is configurable from WorkStation.

*** Server Communication folder is hidden in more recent versions of SBO

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