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How does the SNMP agent in TAC Xenta Server work and what are the limitations?


  • Can I send live data over SNMP?
  • How many trap pages can I define?


  • Xenta Servers
  • Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731


All Xenta Servers (except Xenta 913 and Xenta 527-NPR) have a built in SNMP agent. However, the SNMP protocol in them cannot handle sending live data over SNMP. It can only send alarms along with specific fields of those alarms.


The Xenta Server supports SNMP version 1 and SNMP Traps. It can only be used to send SNMP and not to receive.

The first step to setting up SNMP is to create alarms in XBuilder and link the points to the alarms that are to be monitored. Then, the filters used by the SNMP traps should be defined. This is done using SNMP trap pages.

SNMP Trap Page

The SNMP trap page is where you define a set of rules in Xbuilder of when to send a trap to the SNMP manager. This includes severity of the alarm or a wildcard string based on the address of the point.  In XBuilder you can create up to 10 SNMP trap pages, which will give you possibilities to define 10 different alarm filters.

An SNMP trap page is created by right-clicking a folder in the System pane of XBuilder and then selecting New > Page > SNMP Trap Page. (It is recommended that a separate folder be created for SNMP trap pages and that this folder be restricted to only system administrators.) Once the SNMP trap page has been created it is then configured by right-clicking on the SNMP trap page object and selecting SetupSNMP Trap Filter.


SNMP Field Configuration

The SNMP field configuration is where you define what 8 pieces of data will be sent to the SNMP manager (due to the UDP limit of 8 fields). That data consists of things like date/time, type, address, priority, description, etc.

The SNMP field configuration is accessed by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting SNMP Field Configuration.  


For more information on SNMP in Xenta Servers please see the TAC Xenta Server - TAC Networks Technical Manual, section 16.

Note: SNMP is only supported by Xenta Server devices and is not supported by TAC Vista.

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