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How many System Variables should my controller have?


If an upgrade fails or a database becomes corrupt the model number or system variables may not match, what is the System Variable count for the various controller types?


All Continuum controllers System Variables.


For troubleshooting purposes it is often useful to know the number of System variables a controller has. If the numbers differ between on and offline states there is a mismatch or corruption in the database.


The following list shows the default number of System Variable objects each model type should contain:

Controller type # Objects
bCX1-Inf (9640) 47
bCX1 (4040) 36
bCX1-R (4000) 36
Netcontroller II (9680) 58 or 61
Netcontroller (9900, 9940) 54
CX9400 (Eclipse) 38
CX9200 54
CMX9924 27
CX9702 41
ACX II (5740, 5720) 63
All i2 & b3 Controllers 35
DCX250 21
ACX700 25
ACX780, ACX781 26
i1 Controllers with LCD display support (SCX, LCX810) 19
i1 Controllers without display capability (LCX800, TCX) 18

* Note the Netcontroller II can have 58 or 61 variables depending on firmware version (V2.1x has 61).

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