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How much future schedule data can be put into a BACnet Schedule and stored in the controller.


How much future schedule data can be put into a BACnet Schedule and stored in the controller.


Continuum BACnet


Need to store a years worth of Exception events in a BACnet controller and unsure if the BACnet Schedule performs the same as the Infinet where it only stores 7 days of events going forward.


Unlike Infinet controllers, BACnet controllers will store all the Exception events in there schedules. This includes past as well as future exception events. (It's important to clear out the past events to free up space on the controller.)

The total number of exception events depends on the amount of memory available in the controller being used.

In Continuum v1.94 with the latest build of v4.5 firmware, we find that a Schedule in a b3 controller has the following memory requirements.

1. Blank b3 had 46624 bytes available.
2. Each BACnet Schedule object will consume 416 bytes.
3. Each Exception Event will consume 60 bytes.
4. Each Time Value in the Exception Event will consume 12 bytes.
5. Exception Events can be created (and saved to the controller) up until 1-Jan-2105. These events, all the way up to 2105, were stored in the controller.

In this example, and only using an ON/OFF time value pair for each Exception Event, you will (theoretically) be able to store a bit more than 535 Events in a single Schedule (If this was the only created object in the controller.)

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