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How to Calculate the M&B for a Slide on a Slide Stat


Determine the correct conversion coefficients for a Slide Stat


I/NET Software

Station Parameters


Programming a Slide Stat to read the correct input values.


  1. Go to the Controller > Station Parameters > Conversion Coefficient Option.

  2. Add the M of 1 and a B of 0. Doing this will give the "Count" of the parameter.

  3. Once you determine the counts at both end of the slide position. Then calculate the actual M & B for the side.

  4. Once the "Counts" in Step 2 are determined, place these values in the "Counts Low" and "Counts High" slots.
    In this example, a 5 degree range from the low slide to the high slide is desired. Use -2.5 for the "Units low" and +2.5 for the "Units high" setting. Then select the OK button to give the actual M&B for the Slide coefficient.

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