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How to Configure NIC709-IP in order to be used in TAC Vista Classic Network


  • What is NIC709-IP's IP address
  • How to use a NIC709-IP in TAC Vista Classic network


  • Tested with Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 computers.
  • LConfig version is 4.2


NIC709-IP looks similar to L-IP, however its configuration is totally different. The NIC709-IP's configuration is similar to NIC709-USB which requires the LConfig software.


Scenario 1

If NIC709-IP address is know. Can change its IP address on its Webpage.

  1. Open the NIC709-IP webpage.
  2. Select the Config tab in the left menu bar.
  3. Select Port Config tab under the Config tab.
  4. In the main panel, choose the admin account, and type the password: loytec4u. Then click Login.
  5. Select the Ethernet tab on the top. Will need to enter the password again.
  6. In the IP Address field, type the desired the IP address. In this example, type Then, click Save Settings.


Scenario 2

For brand new NIC709-IP, its IP address is Please follow the steps below to set the IP address:

  1. Change the computer IP address to 169.254.8.X. X is any number between 1-255. In this case, the computer IP address to, and the subnet mask is

  2. Go to Start->All Programs->LOYTEC Network Interface->Lconfig.  Then Select NIC-IP/RNI tab.
    If the software is not listed, please go to LOYTEC website and download the most recent release version of Network Interface.
  3. Check the Enable Device checkbox.
  4. Click on the Assignment & Config button.
  5. Device should be automatically found. If not click on the Restart Search button.

  6. Select the device, then  click the Assign/Add button.
  7. Make the change to the IP address under IP/NAT  Address or DNS Name field if necessary. Then click on Assign Button.

  8. Click OK button. Note, the IP address should be changed from to the address just assigned. In this case, the IP address has been changed to

  9. Click the Test Device/Serial Number button to the connection. The pop-up window as shown below should be displayed.

  10. The NIC709-IP device should be configured at this point. For testing, can type the NIC709-IP address in the browser. 
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