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How to Find a Record for Editing Specific Individual in I/NET


How to identify when a record was edited for a specific individual is needed to be found in AMT events.




Customer needs to filter out who and which Individual has been edited in their Access Control system.


This can be realized by filtering in the Event Window in AMT

1. Create a new filter in the Event Window in AMT, name it and click OK.

2. In the Event Info column, Click on All No to uncheck all the event type to filter. Then only check on Edit-Indiv. to see the Edit Individual record.

3. In the Device Name field, enter the words following the rule Tenant Number-Individual Number. For example, the individual traced is in Tenant 1, and the individual number is 1, so just type 001-00001 here. Click OK after finished.

4. In the filter list window, click on the filter just defined and press Select. Then in the Event window, you can see all the events related with editing this specific individual.

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