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How to Realize Momentary Release of Door through Modbus


If 3rd party integration platform wants to use momentary release of door through Modbus, how to realize it?


StruxureWare Building Operation



Sometime this kind of application is needed.


Here I/NET and SmartStruxure are used to realize this function. Follow the steps below:

  • Create an I/NET interface in ES, and upload all the I/NET points into ES.
  • Create a Modbus TCP Network, Modbus TCP device for momentary release to connect to 3rd party integration platform.
  • Create a Modbus point in the Modbus TCP device, named Momentary Release. 3rd party software can access this point to control the door.
  • Create a Script program, to type the sentence below:
  • Bind the "ModbusOut" to Value property of the Modbus TCP point, "Out" to the PvControl property of the door point, while bind Value property of the Modbus TCP point to the "Release", shown as the picture below:
  • Test the effect. When change the value of the Modbus point from "0" to "1", the door will open for five second, and return to lock status. The door lock time can be changed in the script program. Maybe there will be several seconds delay. After the door returns to locked, the Modbus point will return to "0", so there is no need to change the value back to "0" manually.
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