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How to Realize Simple Consuming Application with I/NET System and Controllers


In some projects, there is demand for consuming application with the existing access control system. I/NET can realize simple consuming function through existing controller and specific card reader for consuming application. In this simple consuming system, one card has only one consuming chance in a specific period of time. For example, this application can be used in the canteen of the plant or company for lunch or supper.


Consuming system



In some cases this application is needed.


We can use Anti-passback/Anti-tailgate features of I/NET. The following steps should be followed:

  • Select a separate card reader specific for consuming use.
  • Open the Door parameter in I/NET.
  • Check the Anti-passback and Anti-tailgate options in the Door setting.

  • Set one zone number for the "Entry zone" and "Exit zone".
  • Open the ATS window to set the automatic time schedule.
  • Add an APB Reset time schedule for this door. This step is to set the reset time for the consuming accumulation time period. For example, if just for lunch, one APB reset schedule can be added after the lunch time. And if for additional supper, one more APB reset schedule can be added after supper time.
  • Connect a LED indicator to the DO point of the current door. It is used to indicate that whether this card swiping is valid for the current consuming period.

Then the simple consuming application is finished. During each consuming accumulation time period, one card can only have one chance for consuming, which is indicated by the LED. More tries will receive deny information and the LED will not light up.

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