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How to Set Filtering for a Report in I/NET


Sometimes the report templates in Seven Reports are not enough to meet the requirement of the customer. Specific filtering is required to make the report more efficient for specific information that the customer needs



Seven Reports


This kind of application is required for some projects.


  1. Open the report template that needs to be filtered.
  2. Click the "Design" button to enter the design mode of the report.
  3. Right click on the database item that needs to be filtered. For example, only a specific door needs to be reported, and then right click on the [DeviceName] item.
  4. Choose "Select Expert", and "is equals to" in the dropdown list.
  5. Entering the name of the door in the column besides, and click OK. If more complex filtering is needed, click on the “Show Formula” to realize using different formulas.
  6. Click "Preview" to check whether the filtering is working.
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