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How to Use User Search


How to Use User Search


I/NET Site with Access Control


Explaining feature for users who have Access Control, to conduct searches for individuals in I/NET


There is a new feature for users who have Access Control, to conduct searches for individuals in I/NET. To utilize this, I/NET displays a dialog box when you select Access User Search from the main menu. Use this dialog to quickly locate the access control record stored for a particular individual.

  1. Use any combination of the following fields to locate the desired record:
    1. Last Name – Type the user's last name (up to 50 characters).
    2. First Name – Type the user's first name (up to 50 characters).
    3. Tenant – Use this drop-down list to narrow the search to a particular tenant, or to search through all tenant records.
    4. User ID – Type the User ID (1 to 24000) assigned to the individual.
  2. The search is updated with each character that you type and the result is displayed in the list.
  3. The result list shows all records returned by the search. Locate and highlight the desired record in the list.
  4. Once you have located and highlight the desired record, the following options become available:
    1. Picture – Select this option to display a User Search - Picture dialog. This dialog shows an image of the user and provides other information.
    2. Tree – Select this option to display the user in the System View interface.
    3. Zoom – Select the Zoom button to open the Individuals Parameter Editor. You can then view or change the individual's record as necessary.
    4. If necessary, use the Clear button to clear all fields. This can be especially useful when you are preparing to perform a new search.
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