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How to add an offset to a sensor reading.


Due to a variety of reasons it is sometimes necessary to add an offset to the value obtained from a sensor to achieve the required accuracy. For example, a temperature sensor may be reading off by 0.5 degree as compared to a calibrated high accuracy temperature measuring device used as a standard.


All CX controller

All i2 devices

All b3 devices


Sensor tolerance.


Add an algorithm in the conversion field of the input objects to adjust the value by the necessary offset.

In the example here the conversion entered could be:

Elecvalue + 0.5

or Elecvalue + TempSensorOffset where TempSensorOffset is an InfinityNumeric point that has been set to the amount of offset to apply. 

While this example uses a very simple conversion algorithm, the input’s conversion can be thought of as a one line PE program that can use PE system functions.

Elecvalue + Maximum(TempSensorOffset, 1.5)

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