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How to change b3's device ID using the RoamIO service tool.


For various reasons it maybe necessary to change a b3's device id, one way to accomplish this is using the RoamIO2 with the BACnet Service Tool.




BACnet Service Tool




  1. Disconnect the b3 from the MSTP network and connect the RoamIO2 directly to the b3's service port.
  2. Launch the BACnet Service Tool and in the 'View' menu de-select 'By Networks' and 'BACnet Only' menu entries
  3. Click the green icon to make the RoamIO 2 join the MSTP network and discover the b3. (NOTE: If the b3 has not been previously assigned a valid MAC ID see LL# 17561)
  4. Once you see the b3 in the object tree select it then switch to the grid view and double click on the device id value on the 'object-identifier'  field.
  5. In the 'Property View/Set' window enter the new device id to set and click on apply.
  6. You should get a feed back of 'Success!' if the device id was changed.
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