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How to change the name of a NetPlus Router (NPR) in I/NET


It may be desirable to change the default name of an NPR as it appears in I/NET (ie XentaXB2435) to something more descriptive.


  • I/NET
  • I/O Server Config
  • Xenta 527, Xenta 527-NPR, Xenta 731, Xenta 913


I/NET generates a unique default name for each NPR. While the default name differentiates the NPRs it may be helpful to have a descriptive and relevant name for each NPR.


  1. Open the I/NET IO Server Config.
  2. Select the IP Port connection of the NPR to be changed and select Modify to open the Configuration Profile.
  3. Click on NP Routers to open the NetPlus Routers Summary.
  4. Select the router that you want to change and click Modify to open the NetPlus Router Configuration.
  5. Enter a new name for the NetPlus Router and click OK.

The NPR will now re-initialize and will have the new name.

If you are still having issues, please read Lesson Learned Article #6382

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