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How to clear the delay calculagraph when the alarm return to normal?


If at the end of the alarm delay time the point is in alarm, Continuum will generate the alarm notification regardless of how many times the point has RTN during the delay period. if the point go to alarm again, Continuum will generate the alarm soon.

The customer challenge us on this issue, they think the alarm delay calculagraph should be clear when the point has RTN.







IP level controller

Field Controller


Need a solution to meet the customer's requirements.


  1. Create an infinityNumeric  point to trigger the alarm
  2. Create an program to set the alarm point to on/off

For Example:

The original alarm point is Fanfault, and delay time setting in the AlarmEnrollment is 60 seconds

Create on infinitynumeric named Fan_alarm and attached a AlarmEnrollment with delay setting.

Create an program as below:

Line detecting:


if Fanfault is on then go to setting

Line setting

if Ts>=60 then Fan_alarm=on

if Fanfault is off then goto detecting

Line E


if ts>1 then go to detecting


More detail about AlarmDelay Operation ,pls find the article LL#12067

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