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How to communicate with an Xenta 200/300/400 via an X911 in Vista


How to communicate with an Xenta 200/300/400 via an X911 in Vista


TAC Vista 5.1.X

X911 5.1.X

Xenta 200/300/400 device.


An X911 is to be used as an IP/Lon gateway.


To add an X911 in Vista do the following:

1. In Vista workstation, right-click on the Server object and select New\Device\Communication Port - Xenta 911.

2. Give the device a suitable name.

3. Right-click on the device and select Properties.

4. Set the IP address for the device.

5. Right-click on the X911 and select New\Lonworks Network.

6. Give the network an appropriate name.

7. Right-click on the network and select New\TAC Xenta Group.

8. Give the group an appropriate name.

The new Xenta devices can now be added by right-clicking and selecting New\Xenta 200\300\400. The device can then be configured via the properties menu. Once the device\s are configured the configuration can be downloaded to the devices.

1. Right-click on the lonworks network and select Commission and Download.

2. Click on the Start the selected operation  button and wait until the download has been completed.

See TAC Xenta 500 700 911 913 Product Manual for full instructions on how to configure an X911.

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