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How to configure I/NET Tools to link to an Internet URL


How to configure I/NET Tools to link to an Internet URL.


I/NET Seven - Windows XP or Windows 7


Requirement to open a specific URL from an I/NET graphic page, without setting this as the default homepage (in Internet Explorer)..


There are a couple of ways you can do this: 

Create a shortcut as follows (Works in Windows 7 operating system): 

  1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location you wish to create this shortcut.
  2. From this nominated file location create a shortcut (Right-click > New > Shortcut):
  3. Within the Create Shortcut dialog add the URL (e.g.
  4. Name the shortcut and select Finish:
  5. Now browse this new shortcut into I/NET Tools > Define Tools (for information on how to do this refer to Lessons Learned Article #1777)

In some cases when performing the above on a XP machine you can get and an error indicating file association which can be configured in your Control Panel Folder options, alternatively you can create a batch file (This info is also in the Online Help file for I/NET) - duplicated below:  

The following example describes how to create a tool that will open in your system's default web browser.

  1.  Using Notepad, create a new text file and type the following line of text:
  2. Save the file to your PC as OpenMSN.bat.
  3. Add a new tool, select the OpenMSN.bat batch file that you just created.
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