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How to configure individual alarm viewers for Workspaces.


How to configure individual alarm viewers for users.


StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation 1.3.0


If all users workspaces are connected to the same alarm view then if one user changes the filter the alarmview will change for all users.

This is because they are all links to the same object. To have individual filters you have to create multiple alarm views and attach them to the workspaces.


Create a new alarm view by

  1. In workstation Right click and select new-view
  2. Select Alarm View
  3. Type in a name, click create

Attach the alarm view to a workspace.

  1. Open the control panel in Workstation, click on account management
  2. Select the workspace you want to add the alarm view to in the drop down list under Workspaces
  3. Click on content.
  4. Click on the alarms pane (or add one) and click edit.
  5. In the field "initial path" browse to the alarm view you created before.
  6. Click close
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