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How to convert a B4-920 to a BCX4040


How to convert a B4-920 to a BCX4040


  • BACnet
  • B4-920
  • BCX4040
  • CyberStation


How to convert a B4-920 to a BCX4040


  1. ASCII export the B4-920 then modify the dump file to change from the B4-920 to the BCX4040. 
  2. Delete the B4920 from both the Continuum view and the BACnet view in Continuum Explorer.
  3. Import the converted dump file into the system.  
  4. Reload the new BCX and all it's child objects. 
  5. Execute a Find New BACnet Device to pull all the devices back into the BACnet view. 
  6. Execute a Send to DB on the BACnet side to pull all the objects in.

NOTE:   Another option if you are running version 1.90 CyberStation or greater is to change the model number through the controller editor in Continuum Explorer.

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