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How to create a Comm failure test in an i2 controller.


Need to execute a special sequence within an Infinet controller when it loses communication with its parent controller.


  • Infinet Controller
  • i2
  • Comm failure
  • Communication failure
  • Plain English


Need to commence a special control sequence when controller loses communication.


In the Infinet controller create the following objects.

  • DateTime: TestTime
  • Numeric: CommFail
  • InfinityProgram ImportTime.Pr
  • InfinityProgram CommTest.Pr

In the ImportTime.Pr Program

  • Create a line named CALCULATE
  • On the CALCULATE line add a line that calculates the TestTime to be equal to the Date System Variable in the parent controller + 60 seconds.
  • Create an E line

In the CommTest.Pr

  • Create a WATCH line.
  • Create a COMMLOSS line.
  • On the WATCH line set COMMFAIL to OFF, then compare the local Date system variable to TestTime .  When Date is greater then TestTime goto COMMLOSS
  • On the COMMLOSS line Switch COMMFAIL On.  Then add a goto statement that sends the program to WATCH when Date is greater then TestTime and TS > 180

All relevant programs should monitor the COMMFAIL numeric.

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