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How to create a workspace with a banner and a TGML graphic as the home page.


How to create a workspace with a banner and a TGML graphic as the home page. 


StruxureWare Building Operations 1.2 Workstation


A graphical overview of a building or area containing a number of buildings can be a logical way for a customer to navigate around a site in workstation.


  1. Preparation
    • Create a folder to contain the graphics and banners to be used.
  2. Create a Panel object
    1. Right-click the folder and select New->Panel.
    2. Set the initial path (ie. the home page) to the desired graphic.

    3. Add a graphic pane to the panel.
    4. Edit the graphic pane and select the banner graphic to be used.
    5. Set the desired layout settings such as Default dock position to Top.

  3. Create a workspace
    1. Click on the control panel icon. Select User Accounts - Account Management and then under the Workspaces section click on Add.
    2. Select the desired security and authority settings.
    3. Add a Panel Pane to workspace.
    4. Edit the Panel Pane and set the initial path to the Panel object created in step 2.

  4. Assign the workspace to a user group
    1. Under the Select User accounts - Account Management menu in the control panel select the User Group that is to use this workspace.
    2. Edit the User Group and go to the Workspaces tab.
    3. Highlight the appropriate workspace and add it to the Select Workspaces pane by clicking on the arrow.

  5. Test the workspace
    • Log in with the appropriate user and confirm the layout is as desired.
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