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How to delay a controller status alarm from being annunciated at the Workstation.


How to delay the intrinsic controller status alarms to accommodate controllers that are sporadically going offline for short periods of time due to known network problems.


  • Continuum BACnet Controllers
  • bCX1
  • b3xxx


Need to delay controller offline messages to accommodate slow network communications or remote controllers.


The intrinsic alarm for the controller status will trigger when the controller does not respond to communications from the within the probe time and would not be suitable for this delay.

The only way to delay a controller offline alarm for an amount of time after the controller goes offline, is to monitor the controller offline status from the workstation with a program, toggle a variable that then has an AlarmEnrollment attached. This AlarmEnrollment would then have a Time Delay configured.

See the attached sample screenshot below showing the program in the Workstation, the AlarmEnrollment, and the Active Alarm View showing the time delay between the intrinsic alarm and the new AlarmEnrollment with a delay configured.


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