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How to determine how many users are logged in to Webstation


Is it possible to see how many users are logged in to Webstation?


TAC Vista Webstation 5.1.X


The number of users logged into Webstation at any one time is limited by the number of available licenses.


There is no built in function in TAC Vista Webstation to see how many users are logged in at a certain time.

To see how many users are logged in from a PC with Lmtools installed on it (typically the Vista Server machine):

  1. Open Lmtools in C:/Program Files/Schneider Electric/TAC Tools folder. 
  2. Run the program and then go to the Server Status Tab and select "Perform Status Enquiry" button. 
  3. The lower window will show all the licenses in use and one can scroll to find the webstation users. 

Example Users of Vista.Webstation:  (Total of 12 licenses issued;  Total of 11 licenses in use)

See also Lessons Learned Article #3910 for Windows Vista/7/Server 2008 OSs.

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