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How to determine if a controller comm port is Xdriver enabled.


How can I determine which comm port on my Infinity Controller has been Xdriver enabled.


  • Infinity Controller
  • Xdriver


Need to determine whether the comm port(s) on a controller are x-driver enabled.


View the controller options page in CyberStation or from the controllers webpage. 

NC2 (NCII, NetController 2, CX9680)
Option tab - example NC2
Xdriver Comm1 : 00000009 (0000)  (XDriver enable and but not loaded)
Xdriver Comm2 : 00000000 (0000)  (XDriver not enabled)
Xdriver Comm3 : 00000000 (0000)  (XDriver not enabled)
Xdriver Comm4 : 00000000 (0000)  (XDriver not enabled)

bCX bCX9640 bCX4040 - NOT bCX4000
The bCX has two comms ports, the XDriver functions can be enabled on none, either or both at the time of ordering (add X1, X2 or X12)
Option tab - example bCX
Xdrvr Comm1:00000009 (DF23)  (XDriver enable and loaded)
Xdrvr Comm2:00000000 (0000)  (XDriver not enabled)

ACX ACX5720 ACX5740
The ACX57x0 has a single comm port, the XDriver functions can be enabled at the time of ordering (see the
Option tab - example ACX57
Xdriver Comm1 : 00000009 (0000)  (XDriver enable and but not loaded)


  • (00000000=XDriver not enabled, 00000001=CommPort only, 00000009=CommPort & Ethernet enable)
  • The four digit number in bracket shows which Xdriver is load and corresponds to "Xdriver valid" at the bottom of the xdriver.xdr file.
  • If Ethernet support is required on the port then this should be requested at the time of ordering.
  • XDrivers like Modbus TCP/IP and Bacnet IP are loaded on to a comms port but communicate via the Ethernet port, therefore the XDriver Ethernet support needs to be enabled for these XDrivers to operate.
  • The XDrivers and hardware update forms are available from:
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