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How to determine which MNL controllers (profile and version number) are integrated to a Niagara R2 or G3 station.


How to determine which MNL controllers (profile and version number) are integrated to a Niagara R2 or G3 station.


Niagara R2 lonSiebe jar file


Quick reference


Use the LonWorks Device Manager and cross-reference the listed MNL controllers to the table below:

siebe                         MNLRF103                             SIEBE                          80:0:16:50:14:4:4:1     
siebe                         MNLRF2                                  SIEBE                          80:0:16:50:14:4:4:2  (version 2)   
siebe                         MNLRF3                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:14:4:4:3   (version 3)
siebe                         MNLRH103                             SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:33:4:4:1     
siebe                         MNLRH2                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:33:4:4:2     (version 2)
siebe                         MNLRH3                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:33:4:4:3      (version 3)
siebe                         MNLRR103                             SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:1     
siebe                         MNLRR2                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:2    (version 2) 
siebe                         MNLRR3                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:3      (version 3)
siebe                         MNLRS1                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:10     (satellite 1)
siebe                         MNLRS2                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:11     (satellite 2)
siebe                         MNLRS3                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:12     (satellite 3)
siebe                         MNLRS4                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:13     (satellite 4)
siebe                         MNLRV2                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:a:4:4:9       (version 2)
siebe                         MNLRV3                                  SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:a:4:4:a       (version 3)
siebe                         MNOTPVA3                             SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:a:4:4:8      
siebe                         SiebePEC                               SIEBE                           80:0:16:50:1e:4:4:0      

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