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How to differentiate the various types of Continuum LON IOU Modules. 485 vs FTT, Motorola vs Toshiba Which file to use when upreving Continuum IOU modules.


In the download center there are up to four files for the same version of the IOU modules firmware, how do I know which is the right file for my IOU module?


IOU Module


The Neuron chip used in the Continuum IOU modules can support two different transceivers which are FTT-10A and RS-485, each type requires a different FW file.

Additionally, the IOU modulesoriginally used a Motorola Neuron Chip ***, in 2001 the Motorola Neuron chip had to be replaced with a Toshiba chip when Motorola ceased production of their Neuron chips.

*** The AC-1 Plus, VT-1, Infistat and LC-1 were not affected by the chip change as they did not use the Motorola Neuron chip. So you will only find 2 FW files for the same version and model these modules.


1. When upreving Continuum IOU modules first determine if the module is FTT-10A or RS-485.

 To determine the type lift the door cover of the IOU module and check the model written on the label. FT appended at the end of the model is for FTT-10A, RS-485 will either have 485 appended or only the model name with nothing appended at the end.

If the door cover is missing then remove the inner cover and take a look at the label on the chip itself. The picture below shows and AC1-Plus FTT-10A module indicated by the FT on the label.


If the label is missing you can easily identify FTT versus 485 by removing the upper part of the enclosure and inspecting the components populated in the communication section of the circuit.

2. Verify which Neuron chip (Motorola or Toshiba) is installed in the IOU module.

 3. Get the appropriate FW file from the download center.

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