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How to disable UNC power monitoring


How to disable UNC power monitoring


  • I/A Series R2 Universal Network Controller (UNC)
  • I/A Series Niagara R2 version 2.301.318 or later


UNC that is installed with I/A Series Niagara R2 version 2.301.318 or later has power monitoring enabled. UNC-410 and UNC-520 have the following parameters monitored.

  • Power Loss - alarm on AC power loss
  • Battery fail - alarm if backup battery test fail

There could be situations where the monitoring of these parameters needs to be disabled. 


You can disable the UNC's power monitoring function by editing the UNC's file. 

To access the file, in WorkPlace Pro Admin Tool, connect to the UNC and go to the 'Installation' tab. Click on the 'Edit' button. 

  • The line 'power.enabled=true' enables the power monitoring.

  • To disable power monitoring, change the line to 'power.enabled=false'. 

  • After the change, save the changes (File > Save) and reboot the UNC.

For more details, refer to the Niagara System and Power Monitoring Engineering Notes. 

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