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How to do alarm escalation in Continuum?


How to do alarm escalation in Continuum?


PEAlmFunction, PERtnFunction

Cyberstation Alarm

Workstation PE function


The customer requires the ability to time how long an alarm is active, and based on its status (acknowledged-unacknowledged), escalate the active alarm, by email or other means. Should the alarm be acknowledged in time, the escalation does not occur.


One method is to use the PEAlmFunction and PERtnFunction in a Workstation Program to capture the various alarm conditions off the alarm stack to trigger the activity that you want.

As an example, the PEAlmFunction could be used to initiate a timer for the alarm by recording the time of the alarm and the alarm point. The PERtnFunction is then used to clear this recorded information if the alarm is acknowledged.

A Workstation program is then used to constantly monitor this alarm information and comparing the recorded alarm time to the current time, if this is above the escalation time then a numeric is set to trigger another alarm that is then escalated.

For details on how to configure the PEAlmFunction and PERtnFunction, consult Lessons Learned Article #7658 and the document it contains.

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