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How to enable the "Disable Card if Not Used In" feature of the Personnel Editor object?


How to enable the “Disable Card if Not Used In” feature that shows on the Privileges tab of the Personnel Editor object? The option is greyed out and no values can be entered.


Continuum Personnel Editor


The feature has not been enabled and there are currently no plans to implement this feature.


The feature is not implemented. At the time of writing this, the documentation and online help had not been updated to reflect this and are misleading.


Although, it is possible to create this functionality through a Plain English program that looks for cards that haven't been used in a certain amount of time and then disables those cards. See these sample programs below. They are not an exact solution but provide the methodology to be used.

Dead Report

Expire Disable Cards

Depending on how large your Personnel list is will determine how much success you will have with this PE solution. The OpenList command can have issues and lock up if the list being searched takes too much time to go through.

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