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How to expose the Temperature Override limits for a Mode Control Type 21 (Start Time Optimization / Temperature Override), in a Microsmart controller, for manual override in a Nia...


Site has 75 Microsmart controllers each with a Mode Control Type 21 point doing unoccupied control of the connected fan system. 

The customer has asked that the unoccupied high and low temperature setpoints be made available to adjust from a Niagara R2 graphic screen.

The setpoints are assigned to a PVALU element in the point's configuration (see below).


Niagara R2 with Microsmart Driver

Microsmart controllers (all)


Request for setpoint control during unoccupied hours


  1. Create the shadow object for the Mode Control Point using the Niagara Point List Manager.
  2. Move it from the Temp folder to a new container created under the controller shadow object (labeled 'Testing' in the figures below).
  3. Add two MsElement objects from the ibsMs jar file - one for the Scheduled Off High Limit and the other for the Scheduled Off Low Limit.  Note:  The MsElement objects can be created directly under the Mode Control point's shadow object or in a container (as shown in the figures below).
  4. On the config tab for each MsElement object, modify the parameters highlighted by the red box in the figures below.
  5. Link them to a graphic and a right-click will present the user with the commandString field ('New value:' was used in the figures below).

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